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Aiming High

Religion and Worldviews Studies


At Bader Primary School, Religion & Worldviews Studies promotes the spiritual, moral and cultural development of children. It helps to prepare them for the experiences and responsibilities of life, and helps to develop an understanding of the world in which we live.

Bader Primary School follows the Stockton Agreed Syllabus for Religion & Worldviews Studies-2020 onwards. It is a progression syllabus; teaching and learning builds up to a point of understanding. Progression is about knowing where you`ve come from and knowing where you’re going-building understanding through a series of small steps. Planning is at the core of a progression curriculum.

Our Intent 

At Bader we recognise that Religion & Worldviews provides children with the opportunity to access knowledge & information which contributes to a secure understanding of religious & non-religious views worldwide. Religion & Worldviews at Bader:


At Bader you will see:

Religion and Worldview Studies Long-term Plan


Through Religion & Worldviews, Bader children can:


Visits to local places of worship, and visits to school by representatives of local religious groups, enhance the learning experience for children by giving them first-hand experience. It is part of Bader’s provision for the children.