Primary School

Aiming High

School Vision

Our vision is expressed as a set of six promises which we make to every Bader child.

To all pupils at Bader Primary School;

The staff and governors at Bader promise you that by the time you leave us:

  1. You will have had fun, discovered your talents and celebrated many successes along the way
  2. You will love learning, believe it can take you anywhere and want to keep on learning more
  3. You will know that life is a fantastic adventure, have dreams for your future and have the confidence to take on the challenges that await you
  4. You will have grown healthy and strong and understand how to look after your body and be able to keep yourself safe
  5. You will have friends and will have learned to treat other people with fairness, compassion and respect
  6. You will understand that the world is a wondrous place and be inspired to make a difference.