Primary School

Aiming High



We aim to give children a high-quality history education which will help them gain an understanding of the past and develop key historical skills. We encourage children to think critically and examine evidence and arguments in order to develop their own judgement and opinion. Our history curriculum also gives children the opportunity to compare and contrast life in the past and to examine why and how things have changed.

We help our children to gain the Historical skills below:

Curiosity: pupils ask and answer questions about the past, investigating key people and events from different points in History.

Investigation: pupils will collect and record information from primary and / or secondary sources, analysing data and presenting results appropriately to their intended audience.

Articulate: The ability to reach clear conclusions and explain their findings. Pupils will be able to make reasoned judgements and justifications.


Impact Statement

The History curriculum has undergone several changes and these will be implemented across school in September 2020. Our History curriculum is planned to demonstrate progression of knowledge and skills across all the year groups. We measure the impact of our History curriculum using the following methods: