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School Council (Bader Parliament)

At Bader, we are proud to have an elected school council, called Bader Parliament, who have regular School Council meetings. These children have been elected by their peers to ensure that the pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions that will affect them. 

Through the school council meetings, the children have the opportunity to raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions therefore reaching a democratic solution. The thoughts of the school pupils are often considered and sought for through regular Pupil Voice Questionnaires and focus groups. The school council are also very active in improving the school experience for all pupils, including running stalls at fayres and discos; hosting clubs and raising money for school. 

At the beginning of each year, the children volunteer as candidates and then a democratic vote – by the children only – then determines who will become a school council member. The council members will then meet weekly and have a decided upon agenda that will be discussed and minutes taken. The minutes are then displayed on the Bader Parliament board.

Academic Year 19/20 Bader Parliament – Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term, Bader Parliament have been very busy raising money and organising lots of events for the rest of the school. Here are some of the things Bader Parliament have achieved in the Autumn Term.

At the Halloween Disco, Bader Parliament were in attendance and had a stall. The children decided that they wanted to try and raise some money to help buy equipment for Gardening Club. The children had a range of fun, exciting games and sold handmade pumpkin cakes. The night was a huge success and over £60 was raised to help support other clubs in school.

Bader Parliament played a huge role in helping the school celebrate Remembrance Day this year. They sold poppies to the children at break and lunchtime and they also attended the Remembrance Day parade in Thornaby. The children marched with the procession and laid a wreath at the cenotaph. They did an amazing job at representing our school.

In November, Bader Parliament met with Councillor Luke Frost. They discussed what they liked and disliked about their local environment. From this, they were able to come up with some ideas about how they could improve communal areas within the school grounds. Bader Parliament are looking forward to starting these projects in the Spring Term.

Bader Parliament decided to help raise money to buy school resources, they would hold a Film Club afterschool. These sessions had a film chosen by Bader Parliament and popcorn for the children to enjoy! The club has been very successful and they have been able to buy lots of resources for the school including playground equipment and reading books.