Primary School

Aiming High


At Bader Primary School, we believe that learning other languages gives children the opportunity to develop positive attitudes and respect for languages and cultures other than their own. We want to develop children`s curiosity and understanding of the world. We want children to develop the skills and confidence to communicate in another language and be able to respond to others in that language. Learning another language at primary school gives children the confidence for when they approach languages at secondary school. 

Our Intent

When learning French at Bader Primary School, we want children to listen to language carefully, and speak language with confidence. We want children to pronounce vocabulary accurately. We want to develop children’s curiosities and deepen their understanding of the world and other cultures, whilst also developing a positive attitude towards other cultures.


Bader Primary School has chosen La Jolie Ronde scheme of work as our main resource for the teaching of French. It is an award-winning provider of French language learning. La Jolie Ronde gives children opportunities to excel and to enjoy a fun and positive approach to language learning. Teaching is based on real communication situations. Children benefit from a structured and progressive programme. Knowledge and skills are taught in a logical and systematic progression, so that learning builds on what has been taught previously. Over time, they begin to read and write independently, experience language learning techniques and become accustomed to listening to another language. Teaching and learning is enhanced by the use of other materials, including the award-winning language learning website, Linguascope. Teachers and children have access to a wide range of fun, motivational, interactive activities, games and learning materials which are matched to curriculum requirements. Children can access this website at home to support their learning. At school, classes are taught French in weekly blocks of 20 minutes each by one teacher and the lesson is then followed-up by the class teacher at that time and, at other times during the week.

Year 3 and Year 4 Scheme of Work
Year 5 and Year 6 Scheme of Work

Impact Statement

MFL aims to provide an accessible and engaging curriculum for all abilities.

The impact of the curriculum is seen in;