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Leading Parent Partnership Award

Here at Bader Primary School, we are proud of our working relationships with parents and carers. As a school, we value the partnership between home and school and recognise how important it is to have positive relationships with our parents and carers of all the children in our care.

On the 7th March 2023 we had the assessor complete our assessment to achieve the quality mark. We are incredibly proud to announce that we have gained the  ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award’ (LPPA).  Several people have been  involved in achieving the award including the Headteacher, School Governors, Miss Ferens (the Leading Parent Partnerships coordinator), Parents and Staff.

The assessor identified the following strengths at Bader Primary School:


The clear vision of the Headteacher in creating strong parent partnerships, is well supported by the LPPA Lead who throughout this process has helped to put the community at the heart of the school, where strong community partnerships help to ensure that everyone is valued, listened to and respected.


Key roles across school, further support the strength of parent partnerships, including the work of the DHT, responsible for attendance and safeguarding , an attendance officer and a parent support advisor. All staff work effectively as a team to ensure that the vision is embedded across the school. They value the importance of Parent Partnership and are well equipped to deal with the needs of every individual family in a caring and supportive way.  Key members off staff are always present at dxthe beginning and end of the day, parents know that there is always someone available to talk to. Staff use communication well and parents clearly engage and respond positively to information sent to them, through a number of effective platforms.


Clear evidence in the e portfolio shows how parent partnership has become stronger – especially following the pandemic. Parents are made to feel welcome as they enter the school, by welcoming staff at reception and clear signage, signposting parents to key information. Floor-books on display at the main entrance celebrate parents in school working alongside their children in the classrooms. Pockets inside the floor-books contain encouraging feedback, which is collected following the events. Class Dojo, Twitter and Tapestry in EYFS,  give parents a daily insight into what is happening in school, responses are positive and create ongoing conversations between home and school.

One parent commented, “ Our child spent today watching YouTube videos of his school to see his teachers, for us as a family, you all couldn’t do anymore  – 10 out of 10.”

Another parent said, “ The school has helped me and my family for many years now, from holding meetings to just checking up on how me and my family are daily. I have been helped to get onto courses like parent led CBT for my children and putting referrals in to support us, including Early Help, making our home life easier.”

The e portfolio showed many comments like this covering the wide range of support the families receive on a regular basis and how happy the parents were about how involved they felt with their children’s learning.

Further information is sent out via the school website and newsletters.


Pupils spoke articulately and enthusiastically about the involvement their families had in their learning. One child lit up when he spoke about his grandfather coming into school and working on an outdoor activity with him. Another said that his dad liked Dojo as he worked and couldn’t always get into school – this way they could talk about what happened in school.

The children clearly understood how involved their parents were in school and how success was celebrated in so many ways.


Governors are regularly updated on the progress of the LPPA and fully support the Headteacher.

The LPPA Lead feeds into the Headteachers report to the Governors, keeping the ward high on the agenda.

Please click the link below to read the full report.

LPPA Verification Report Bader Primary School
Action Plan – Bader Primary School – LPPA

You can find out more about the Leading Parent Partnership Award via the LPPA website: