Primary School

Aiming High



At Bader we are passionate about children learning about their immediate surroundings, the broader world and how the environment can affect their lives and determine their future decision-making. Geography informs us about our planet and the world we live in. We want the children at Bader to learn about different places, the continents and countries as well as the oceans, rivers, deserts and mountains on our planet. We envision the study of geography will develop a sense of identity and promote responsible citizenship for our pupils. 

We help our children to gain the Geographical skills below:

Curiosity: pupils ask and answer questions about the world, investigating how humans interact with the world around them.

Investigation: pupils will collect and record information from primary and / or secondary sources, analysing data and presenting results appropriately to their intended audience.

Articulate: The ability to reach clear conclusions and explain their findings. Pupils will be able to make reasoned judgements and justifications.


Geography Impact Statement

The Geography curriculum has undergone several changes and these will be implemented across school in September 2020. Our Geography curriculum is planned to demonstrate progression of knowledge and skills across all the year groups. We will measure the impact of our Geography curriculum using the following methods: