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Aiming High



At Bader, we recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the importance of Music in education. We are very passionate and convinced that Music can be the soul of a Good school. Music can enhance other areas of the curriculum including developing Speech and language skills, Mathematics and Science. Music is a discipline that develops self control, listening skills and team work. These are life skills that we want to develop within the context of the school. We want to give every child at Bader the opportunity to explore music, discover their talents and be given experiences they wouldn’t get outside of school. We want to inspire our children in order to have dreams for their future and build their confidence to take on the challenges they face.

Our aim is to ensure that every child in Bader school has access to a musical education appropriate to their age and ability. We want all children to have the opportunity to partake in performing experiences and to gain in confidence and self-esteem. We have carefully selected a curriculum that meets the aims for children  by ensuring there is a progression and a consistent development throughout all key stages. We also ensure musical provision is in place for every child.


After exploring many schemes of Music, Bader selected Charanga as our main resource for the teaching and delivery of Music. Charanga is an interactive programme which follows the National Curriculum for Music. It is engaging for all ages across school. It makes learning Music fun for all and teachers are confident in delivering lessons. Charanga provides musical games, singing, notation and learning tuned instruments. In addition to Charanga, we place importance on giving children other musical opportunities in and out of school.

Bader Brass Band – We are extremely proud and privileged to have a primary school band that runs every Thursday evening after school.

Bader School Choir – We have a choir for KS1 and KS2 that takes place every Tuesday after school.

Singing Assembly – We are a singing school and every week the whole school join together for a singing assembly where we learn and perform non- secular and secular songs.

Performance Opportunities – We value giving Bader children the opportunity to go out into the community and showcase their musical talents. These opportunities include visiting the nursing homes at Christmas to sing to the elderly, Snappy Sings at Thornaby Pavillion led by TVMS, Mayor’s Carol Service  and Bader Band performing at Princess Alexandra Theatre, Yarm. In addition to this, Bader holds a harvest festival, traditional carol services, nativity performances and carols around the tree with the Salvation Army Band. We also strive to look for opportunities for our children to go and watch live performances outside of school.

EYFS and Key Stage 1 

Each class in EYFS and KS1 receive 3 weeks of CPD from Tees Valley Music Service with their delivery of ‘Snappy Music’ to the class. The class teacher works with TVMS during these sessions and then teacher continues with the delivery of Music for the rest of the academic year using Charanga as a main resource.

Year 3 

In Year 3, Bader children learn to play a tuned instrument. This begins with recorders. The first 10 weeks of teaching is led by Tees Valley Music service with the class teacher learning the recorder alongside the children. The class teacher then continues the delivery of recorders for the rest of the academic year using Charanga as a main resource.

Year 4 

In Year 4, Bader children have the opportunity to learn a Brass instrument. Teaching is delivered by Miss Robson weekly. The children are given performance opportunities and progress into Bader Band.

Year 5 

In Year 5, all children receive ‘Samba Drumming’ delivered by Tees Valley Music Service for 10 weeks. This builds on their listening skills, performance skills and teamwork. After this has been completed, Charanga is used as the main resource for teaching to cover the required topics.

In addition to this, numerous Year 5 children are continuing to learn and progress with their brass lessons and are the founding members of Bader Band.

Year 6 

In Year 6, all children receive ‘Steel Pan Drumming’ delivered by Tees Valley Music Service for 10 weeks. Through this the children are applying their knowledge of notation, reading music and playing a tuned instrument. This also builds on their teamwork, listening and performance skills. After this has been completed, Charanga is used as the main resource for teaching to cover the required topics.

Music Impact Statement

Our music Curriculum has been established to a high quality, it is well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progressions and build on and embed skills in line with the curriculum. Bader uses Charanga effectively to ensure all children have access to a varied programme of music, in addition to external opportunities. Music assessment is ongoing to inform teachers with their planning and delivery of teaching. Summative assessment is completed at the end of each unit to inform leaders of the skills that still need to be embedded. Music is monitored throughout all year groups using a variety of strategies such as photos, videos, pupil voice and lesson walkthroughs. 

The impact of the curriculum is seen in: